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Meet the Committee

Howard – chair

Howard has been a member of ECOG for as long as anyone can remember. It is where he met his wife Stella, and as a result now has a daughter Fiona. Howard is an experienced mountaineer and keen climber. He is also a keen beer drinker and is normally one of the last ones standing.

Paul – web-master and print design
Paul is into most things outdoors – walking, cycling, climbing, orienteering and cross country skiing.  He could navigate his way out of a thick forest in a snow storm with his eyes shut and no map and often does. 


Jenny – membership
Jenny works alongside Fiona running the membership side of the club. Jenny also has a second but equally important (unofficial) role in the club, putting on a great Christmas party and dinner assisted by Amber. Jenny is as active in the hills as she is in the bar, attending most weekends as well as a regular on walks and climbs.


Fiona – membership
Fiona works alongside Jenny running the membership side of the club. When not answering your request to join she'll usually be found climbing at the local crag or in the hills somewhere. Fiona also hosts the monthly pub nights at the Snowgoose in Macclesfield.

Pat – treasurer

Pat is one of ECOG's newer members, but has already got hold of the bank book.  When not keeping an eye on the pennies or in the local bank he's a regular on walks and at most weekends.



John – secretary
John is a bit of a thespian and has been known to play the leading lady. He is a well-known face amongst the Sunday walkers. He will often be seen at the front of the group with his trusty hip flask in tow.


Kevin – programme 
Kevin has the equally important job of putting together the club's programme which comes out every four months, so you'll probably be getting an email or a phone call from him sometime soon...

Neil – newsletter
Neil is an enthusiastic contributor to both committee meetings and beer drinking.  If the pub serves your favourite tipple, make sure you get to the bar before he does have he has a knack for drinking them dry.  When not in the pub or creating the next newsletter Neil ensures that we keep up a decent trig point quota.

Fraser – weekend bookings
Fraser (and his able assistant Sue) has the important job of booking all the club weekends away, so it's not   a surprise that you will often find him on these weekends as well. Frazer is also a regular on the club Sunday walks and anywhere where beer is to be found.